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Aadhar Enabled Payment System

INDITAB AEPS service enables our customers for hassle free and secure cash withdraw, balance enquiry and mini statement from their aadhaar linked bank accounts. Become Our Agent Now!

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About AEPS

Aadhaar enabled Payment Scheme(AEPS) is a secured payment system announced by National Payment Corporation of India(NPCI) which allows People to carry out their financial transactions on Micro-ATM by just telling their 12 digit Aadhaar Number and Aadhaar linked bank name and verifying it with the help of their fingerprint/IRIS scan.

This AEPS system adds up to another security layer where one do not need to share their account details while carrying out financial transactions and finger Prints are also required while executing transactions. This results into almost negligible frauds.


In order to speed up financial inclusion in country, Two working groups were established by RBI, Central Infrastructure & connectivity for Aadhaar based financial inclusion transactions with members representing RBI, unique Identification Authority of India, NPCI, Institute for development and research in banking technology and some special invitees representing banks and research institutions took the initiative of micro ATMS and worked on it and submitted its reports to RBI.

Firstly, It was suggested to conduct a lab level proof of concept (POC) in order to test the authentication and encryption standards of UIDAI. This was done in order to test the reliability of Micro ATM standards and transactions so that they can be put to use without errors. The POC was successfully demonstrated at different venues.

The only inputs required from a customer to do any transaction are:

  1. IIN( Identifying the bank to which customer is associated).
  2. Aadhaar Number
  3. Finger Print captured during transaction.


  1. To enable a bank customer use his/her Aadhaar as his identity to access his/her Aadhaar enabled bank account and perform basic banking transactions.
  2. To expedite transactions across banks in a safe and secured manner.
  3. To strengthen the beginning of Aadhaar enabled Banking Services.
  4. To promote the goal of RBI in electronification of retail Payments.
  5. To Forward the goal of Government of India and Reserve bank of India in furthering financial Inclusion.
  6. To enable banks to route the Aadhaar initiated interbank transactions through central switching and clearing Agency.

Features of AEPS

  1. Easy, Safe and Secure Payment Method.
  2. Interoperable across various banks.
  3. With AEPS, The only information you require is Aadhaar card Number and biometric Information.
  4. It expedites various Government Schemes like NREGA, Social Security Pension, Handicapped Old age Pension etc of Central or state government bodies using Aadhaar authentication.
  5. Through AEPS, Main Benefit is that all bank account holders will be able to access their accounts through Aadhaar authentication; they do not require their account details every time to transfer money. They just need their Aadhaar Number and finger print scan.
  6. It stimulates financial inclusion and serves various underbanked sections of Society.

BHIM Aadhaar Pay

BHIM Aadhaar Pay enables Merchants/Vendors to receive payments electronically from customers over the counter through Aadhaar authentication. It allows that Merchant can be associated with any bank, the only condition is that the bank must be live on BHIM Aadhaar Pay. And through BHIM Aadhaar Pay, One can accept payment from customer of any bank by authenticating Customer’s biometrics.

To be able to implement BHIM Aadhaar Pay app, Merchant should have an android Mobile with BHIM Aadhaar app and certified biometric scanner attached with Mobile phone/kiosk/Tablet on USB Port or Micro-Atm/POS, mPOS. Both Customer and Merchant should have their Aadhaar linked to their bank account

Benefits of AEPS

For Agents

  1. Long term Business Opportunity.
  2. Higher Profits from minimal Investments.
  3. Instant Settlement
  4. AEPS agent will be classified as Agent.
  5. Becoming AEPS Agent is a profitable business opportunity.
  6. AEPS agents can convert their shops into mini ATM.
  7. AEPS provides a solution to their AEPS related needs.

For Customers

  1. Easy, safe and secured way of money withdrawal, transfer and balance enquiry.
  2. Interoperable across various banks.
  3. It adds upto 5 bank accounts.
  4. AEPS has been constructed for every section of society so that everyone can take advantage of this secured payment system.
  5. Any bank account holder can access these AEPS services by simply identify their identity by biometrics and Aadhaar number. He do not need to remember the Bank Account Number.
  6. It checks and download mini statements.

Services Offered

  1. Cash Withdrawal
  2. Cash Deposit
  3. Balance Enquiry
  4. Mini Statement

How does AEPS work?

The AEPS works in point of sale(POS) machine. The Customer has to insert his/her Aadhaar Number instead of debit/credit pin and authenticate the transaction using Customer’s biometric data.

The following information will be required while executing transaction.

  1. Bank Issuer Identification Number(IIN) or name.
  2. Aadhaar Number
  3. Fingerprint

How to use AEPS?

  1. Firstly, You have to visit the nearest correspondent in your zone. Please note that he is not correspondent from your bank only.
  2. After the above step, You have to enter 12-digit Aadhaar number in POS-point of sale machine.
  3. Then, choose the type of transaction- cash withdrawal, Cash deposit, Interbank or Intrabank fund transfer, Obtain a mini statement, balance enquiry.
  4. Select the name of bank.
  5. Fill amount of transaction.
  6. Authenticate the transaction by giving fingerprint IRIS scan.
  7. Then transaction gets completed within no time and you can collect your receipt.

Important Things to remember

How to get it?

  1. Provide KYC information to open a new bank account.
  2. Aadhaar Number should be linked with bank account.

What is required for transaction?

  1. Micro ATM
  2. Remember Aadhaar
  3. Give bank name
  4. Present self with fingerprint scan.
  5. Assisted Mode

Transaction cost

Merchant may get charged based on bank’s discretion but there is no cost for customer.

Funds Transfer Limit

Banks define this transfer limit. But there is no limit for RBI.

Service available from no. of operators

  1. Interoperable
  2. 118 banks

Service Activation

  1. None
  2. 1-2 minutes post Aadhaar Seeding

Future of AEPS in India

According to recent reports, Growth in transactions through AEPS is declining. Last Year, In Bengaluru, Rate of growth in transactions through AEPS in April - October 2019 dropped by more than two-thirds from year ago period while transactions grew at 3.5% compared with almost 50% in same period of the previous year.

Transactions dropped in November to 196 million. If we compare it from last year then in last year, growth was more than 32% but this year, it’s a decline. Experts said it will be restricted to rural areas where most people get welfare payments from govt and have pre-existing Aadhaar linked bank accounts.

Now As the supreme court has scrapped the need for linking aadhaar card with bank account, it will definitely impact the payment system.

In a Way, We can say that future of AEPS is uncertain in India. Although it’s a secured payment system but its demand is not upto mark. There may be a reason that People are not aware about it or may be people are not sure of its security.

So, If we look at recent reports, Transactions through AEPS are declining. But experts say that future of AEPS is uncertain, its demand can rise at any point of time when more people opt this easy way of withdrawing / transferring money.

How to become AEPS agent in India with Inditab?

Anyone who wants to be AEPS Agent with Inditab can raise a query on or can call on +91-8800-65-3385. Any query would be answered on priority basis.

FAQs on Aadhaar Enabled Payment Scheme

A. Aadhaar Enabled Payment Scheme(AEPS) is a secured payment system in which a bank customer can use his/her Aadhaar card and perform basic banking functions like balance enquiry, cash deposit and cash withdrawal.

A. Acquirer bank is that bank who has deployed AEPS on which transaction is done for cash deposit, cash withdrawal, fund transfer and even non-financial transactions like balance enquiry and Mini Statement.

A.Issuer bank in AEPS consideration is the bank with which the Customer’s Aadhaar seeded account is held. The issuing bank should be a member or sub-member of NFS network and should be enabled on AEPS offered by NPCI.

A.RRN Number is a 12-digit Number generated to record the transaction and to identify it uniquely.

A.If a Customer enters an incorrect Aadhaar Number or chooses a bank where he does not have an account, The transaction will decline with an appropriate response message.

A.No, one does not need to. But Customer’s Aadhaar Number should be linked to his bank account.


  • Cash withdrawal
  • Balance enquiry
  • Mini statement


  • Have a bank account with bank participating in AEPS.
  • Aadhaar should be linked with his bank account.
  • Transaction is completed using biometric authentication.

A.Carrying Aadhaar is not mandatory but it should be linked with bank account.

A.The status of transaction will be available on m-ATM as soon as the transaction done.

A.No transaction charges will be imposed on customers while availing AEPS services by IPPB.


  • IPPB as a acquirer bank doesnot put any limit on AEPS transactions.
  • Issuing bank has put the limit according to customer profile and risk management policies.
  • NPCI has set the limit of Rs10000 on a single AEPS transaction

A.If Aadhaar is linked to joint account then AEPS services can be availed using any of Aadhaar details.

A.The customer can raise a dispute with bank they hold account with. The bank will raise it with the concerned bank via NPCI’S dispute Management system.

A.AUA IS authentication user agency . Its any organization using Aadhaar Number authentication as part of its applications to provide services to its residents.

A.KUA is a Kyc user agency. Its an organization who is already an AUA and has signed agreement to access KYC API.

A.Business Correspondent(BC) is an approved bank agent which provides basic banking service using Micro ATM to any bank customer wishing to avail their bank BC service.

A.eKYC is electronic know your customer service where customer’s kyc is done electronically through aadhaar card authentication.

A.BFD is best finger detection. The best finger of a resident is the one that has highest probability of matching.

A.RBI has set no limit for transactions but some bank has set limit upto Rs 50000.

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