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INDITAB has taken a step forward to empower our Agents in the field of Digital Banking System by introducing the service of MicroATM. With good commission rates our Agents can increase their earnings. Become Our Agent Now!

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About Micro ATM

India is a country where 65% of Population stayed up in rural areas but most of the basic facilities are not available there. If Available, then these resources are scarce for them. So Inditab has come up with idea of providing basic banking facilities in rural as well as urban areas. Inditab is inviting Business Correspondents (BC) to buy Micro ATM Machine so that they can bridge the gap between availability and accessibility of basic banking services.

Micro ATM is a banking innovation through which anyone can access basic banking services with debit card interface. So the idea is that Inditab is inviting Business correspondents (BC) who work as an agent to access these services, People can simply visit these Business Correspondents (BC) and they can help them with basic banking services like cash withdrawal and balance enquiry transactions from all debit cards.

Micro ATM is a portable device which works equally as normal as ATM machine, only the difference is that people have to visit Business Correspondents (BC) not nearest ATM machine in order to withdraw money and balance enquiry transactions. This Micro ATM has been invented to help people of Rural Areas so that they can assess banking facilities nearby. However, in heavy cash crunch problem, these Micro ATMs are boon to everyone.

What does Micro ATM Machine do?

  1. Cash Withdrawal
  2. Balance Check
  3. Mini Statement

Benefits of Using Micro ATMs for Agents

  1. Agents can convert their shops in ATM.
  2. Low cost option for existing ATMs.
  3. A Good Source of earning money.
  4. Micro ATM is a portable device so it can be set anywhere.
  5. Interoperable Equipment that can work for any bank
  6. Easy to carry so can be taken anywhere if anyone wants to change setup.

Benefits of using Micro ATMs for Customers

  1. Easy to withdraw Money as they get a helping hand.
  2. Easily approachable.
  3. Micro ATMs are easily available to them
  4. No Fees to be charged to them for this facility.
  5. Micro ATMs are available at their doorstep.
  6. Less Chances of Fraud.
  7. Rural People normally hesitate to visit banks ATMs or branches but here they can visit their nearby shops for withdrawal of Money without any hesitation.

Become a Retailer and earn upto Rs. 1 Lakh per month.

Our Commitment

100% Uptime

We value your time. So we make sure that the portal is up and running always. We take care that all the maintenance work is done midnight so that there is no loss of work during the business hours.

Instant Refunds

Customer service is the focus area for us. We use reliable and trusted APIs so that all the services are availed in real time. If by any chance the service is failed we have made a hassle free process for Refunds.

Premium Supports

We have a dedicated support team for our agents so that they can guide you whenever you require any kind of assistance from our end.

High Commissions

We have quite competitive rates and we make sure that we provide highest commission rates for our agents in the market.

Referal Bonus

To earn some extra income we have come up with Referal Bonus scheme. You can earn some extra income if you refer any agent and add him in our Nework of agents.

99.9% success Ratio

Our team is constantly trying hard and leaving no stone unturned to deliver the best to our agents. Thus, we provide the best of services as per industrial standards and we have almost 99.9% success ration and Agent satisfaction here.

Inditab Pricing & Commissions

Plan /Services

  • Mobile
  • DTH
  • Data Card
  • Finance
  • PAN
  • GST Registration



  • upto - 2.80%
  • upto - 2.94%
  • upto - 2.59%
  • 299 - 6299
  • 100
  • 149
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  • upto - 4.10%
  • upto - 3.78%
  • upto - 3.33%
  • 249 - 5750
  • 96
  • 99
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  • upto - 5.00%
  • upto - 4.20%
  • upto - 3.70%
  • 199 - 4250
  • 92
  • 49
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Recognitions & Certifications

Authorized PSA by UTIITSL, Incometax Department

Inditab Esolution Pvt Ltd is proud to have been recognized as an Indian startup across financial indices, for our brand value and for our reputation within and across the industries in which we operate. Our leadership is often acknowledged by leading financial publications, professional and government organizations, and other institutions around the India.

ISO Certified Organization 9001:2015

Startup India action plan (DPIIT), Govt of India

Recognized by Common Service Centre